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About Us


Our Experience

Our Experience

Our Experience


After 29 years in the software implementation and integration industry, we have a methodology and approach to ensure success. Our customer experience includes United States Department of Energy, United States Department of Defense, IBM, Accenture, EY, AEP, Enterprise Products, Exelon, Duke Energy, and many others. Ask us about: 

· Methodology 

· Partnerships

· Cloud-based applications

· End-to-end integration

· Compliance

· Cyber Security

· Data Warehouses (Operational & Strategic)

· Business Intelligence


Our Approach

Our Experience

Our Experience


Our service delivery includes a methodology, a checklist and a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities.  We begin with discussing your requirements and your vision of success.  Your project begins and ends with defining requirements.  That is how we measure success.

Our collaborative effort includes a project plan with timelines, milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule. We also offer a library of templates that will help you get there quickly and smoothly.

How would you like to close gaps?

How would you like to capitalize on opportunities?


Why Us?

Our Experience

Why Us?

We believe in excellence (always trying to improve), integrity (always do the right thing), leadership (lead by example and inspiration), and selfless service (how can we be of service?). We do this by aligning people, processes and technology for all different sizes of businesses... zeroed in from a managerial accounting perspective.  Our job is to listen first, understand and then work together and map out a strategy to support your definition of success. We want to earn your trust and become your trusted advisor. 

We didn’t get there alone.

And neither will you.

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